Quick trip to the store…

‘Oh the humanity! If only there were some sort of law to prevent such a horrific atrocity from ever occurring… I am sure that there is already blood running in the streets… Something, something, Star Wars.’

I will also take the time to point out that when I was in the big-box retail establishment purchasing this evil stockpile of ammunition, I also was in need of a couple of gift cards. When I walked up to the lady at the check-out counter and handed her the two gift cards… she was very taken aback. No, not by all the ammo that I was wanting to purchase (It was still in the cart and she had not even seen that yet)… but rather by the fact that I wanted to buy two $100 gift cards. She didnt bat an eye when I started piling the ammo up on the counter after she finished loading up the gift cards.

Did you catch that, gun grabbers? She was more taken aback by the fact that I wanted to purchase two “high capacity” gift cards, and not at all by the fact that I wanted to buy all that ammo. She even took the time to open up and check each box to make sure that there were not any cartridges missing from the boxes… Yep, she wanted to make sure that I was getting all the ammo that I was paying for. Gasp! Women and children run for your lives!

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