Tying One on… Appendix Carry

There was a pretty good read the other day over at TTAG about the subject of appendix carry. If you didnt see it then you should really go give it a read. In it Zack talks about appendix carry and why he is now a convert.

I personally think that appendix carry has a lot of good things going for it. I know that a lot of people are not too fond of that particular gun positioning, but as Zack points out the benefits are numerous. Like Zack, I fell in love with appendix carry a while back out of the necessity that comes along with having small kids. Bending over to deal with and carrying small children can make carrying concealed a real challenge… one that appendix carry deals with nicely.

Now that my kids are getting a little bit older I more often than not am carrying in a more traditional behind the hip position, but there are still a bunch of times when appendix carry is very useful… in fact, aside from times when I am having to do a lot of sitting, there are not many time when appendix carry cant represent a fine solution for concealed carry.

If you havent tried it, you should. Get past the idea that a gun is point at your junk. They dont just magically discharge, and besides… a gun that is holstered is by definition “safe”.

  1. Yeah, I have seen the dust ups they have had in the past. I dont agree with their policy, and I think it could ultimately be their downfall (legally speaking) if they are not careful. It is what it is. The Internets is a wild, wild, west, and if you post your pics online it is a risk.

    I posted that wedding pic a while back here on the blog and we all had some fun with it. I linked back to the facebook page that I first saw it at… I know that they stole it from somewhere, but thats the best I could do as a true sourcing. I am really surprised that facebook doesnt come under more scrutiny for this. People rip off photographers pics all the time and just post them up as wall pics. That wedding pic is a perfect example of that. Some professional wedding photographer somewhere took that pic, but it is now pretty much just the property of the Interwebs. Its made the rounds more times than a stripper “trying to pay her way through college”.

  2. Guns.com may even be worse than TTAG is. They have ripped of pics posted on every damn one of their posts.

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