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Google Shopping to Censor Firearms, Ammo, Accessories

Yep, they are gonna censor everything gun related. Everything. And its all to make Google Shopping “safe for all users”. What?

The Firearm Blog has the full story and the official email from Google. Go give it a read.

A talk with the designer of the Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife

Turns out that over at Limatunes, Lima had a chance encounter with the guy who designed the Ka-Bar TDI LDK.  Its an interesting read and gives a good look into the whole story behind how the design came into being.

I have actually been considering picking one of these up. I have been thinking about getting a last ditch knife/get the hell off of me knife to carry. The TDI can be had on Amazon for like $15, but I am not really sure which knife to go with on this one yet. I’m not necessarily looking for a neck knife, and I think maybe belt carry would actually be better. Oh, if only I could just get some Adamantium claws installed and be done with it.

Does anyone out there in Internet land have any suggestions for a knife in this category?

NavELite Launches the NavELite Backlit Magnetic Compass (BLMC)

NavELite Launches the NavELite Backlit Magnetic Compas (BLMC) 

NavELite, a Global Provider of Backlit Magnetic Compasses, Signs Laura Burgess Marketing to Extend Reach into the Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting and Outdoor Markets

PALM HARBOR, FL (June 2012)NavELite, a global provider of backlit magnetic compasses has released the NavELite Backlit Magnetic Compass (BLMC), the world’s first, on-demand, backlit magnetic wrist compass. NavELite signed Laura Burgess Marketing  (LBM) to grow the brand within the military, law enforcement, hunting and outdoor markets.

BLMCThe NavELite wrist-worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass was invented and patented by two Special Operation soldiers.  Operations underscored the need for a reliable backlit compass for use when executing critical missions.  It became apparent in the early stages of the Global War on Terror in Afghanistan when soldiers had to routinely reference cardinal directions for tasks such as Close Air Support (CAS), adjacent unit coordination, and SATCOM antenna orientation that the current equipment available did not meet the needs of the Special Operation soldier.  The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass is a mission-enhancing piece of kit for the ground soldier; reducing nighttime operation signatures and adding to force protection.  Thus, NavELite is pleased to offer this next generation, tactical, wrist-worn, magnetic compass for when survival counts.

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My name is Ebbs, and I’m a Gun-aholic

Yes, it looks like Eric (the other Eric) has lost his ever loving mind.

In actuality, its the same exact approach my wife takes with shoes, so I say whats the big deal? IMO, as long as you are not at the point of scratching your own skin right off, then you are fine.

Gunway 2-Gun Giveaway

Yep… Gunway is giving away two S&W Shields… Basicaly all you have to do to enter is sign up over at Gunway. Here is the presser:

Gunway’s on the home stretch for our first ever Giveaway. July 4th is the big day, and we are extremely excited about our contest packages. Did I say packages? We decided one winner was not enough and wanted to do something for both our male and female members. So, two identical packages was the answer. What’s in them you ask?

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield via Keystone Armory
LaserMax CenterFire laser
Armory Racks 4-gun rack with tray
A copy of Julie Golob’s book SHOOT
A Gunway shirt…of course

We hope you’re signed up on Gunway, because contest entry is that simple. Other than an account, you just have to be 21+ and able to purchase a gun. So good luck if you have, and jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t. Plus, it gets you set for our future giveaways. Did I say there would be more?

If that’s not enough, Gunway is fun and addicting. So be warned that you may discover something new and without a doubt entertaining.