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New MONARCH 5 Binocular

The new Nikon MONARCH 5 All Terrain Binocular couples bright, high-resolution optics with legendary ruggedness in a package that is light enough to carry all day.  Incorporating Nikon’s exclusive Eco-Glass (made without the use of arsenic or lead) for all lens and prism elements, the roof prism MONARCH 5 features dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coatings for extreme brightness, superior sharpness and incredible low light performance.The tough, full rubber armored body is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for a lifetime of waterproof, fogproof reliability.  The MONARCH 5 is available in 8×42, 10×42 and 12×42 black or Realtree APG models.  MSRP for the MONARCH 5 binocular is $279.95 for the 8×42 black, $309.95 for the 8×42 Realtree, $299.95 for the 10×42 black, $329.95 for the 10×42 Realtree, $329.95 for the 12×42 black, and $359.95 for the 12×42 Realtree.
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AR Upper Made By US Navy Seal

The Centurion Arms MK18 Mod 1 Upper

Centurion Arms of Coronado, CA, is a small company that specializes in high-quality firearms, complete upper receivers and accessories built to the specifications of the products issued to Naval Special Warfare personnel. And while you won’t see “Navy SEAL” anywhere on Centurion Arms’ literature—unlike the ads for push-up machines or luminescent wristwatches—the owner and builder is himself an active-duty SEAL.

Pro Tip: Know Your Limitations

Alternate Headline: Know what you suck at

For me, its shotgunning… for the simple fact that I hardly ever get the chance to do it. Its a shame too, because its probably some of the most fun you will ever have shooting. From the most experienced shooter down to the most novice, its a great way to spend the afternoon. I might get out once every year or so and actually get to blast some clay birds or actually go on a dove hunt… For me its just something that I rarely have opportunities for.

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Thureon Defense

They make a pretty neat AR-looking pistol caliber carbine. Pretty good price point too. Fate of Destinee got to run one of their full-auto guns the other day and has a video up…. here.

*The one in the video looks like it takes Glock mags, but I cant really figure out from their website if all their guns do. IMHO, thats really the only way to do a pistol caliber carbine.