A Look at the Kel-Tec KSG… It doesnt look good

Daniel over at Guns.com has a review of the KSG. One of the big things he notes (and has been a major question to me with this design) is that recoil is handled very well. He does note, however, that the gun falls a bit short of expectations:

However, when we went out to test it, the level at which it performed as a tactical weapon was laughable – so laughable I’m inclined to think we got a dud and can’t do a proper review.

I actually had the opportunity to meet up with Daniel for this shoot, but my scheduling just didnt allow it to be.  Now I am really bummed… I would have loved to have been there to see this new firearm fall flat on its face – which it looks like it certainly did. He has put in a request for another KSG to do a follow up, but this does not look good for Kel-Tec