The newest addition to the survival tool box

And I do mean box. I dont have a bug out bag… I have a bug out box. I have been assembling a large plastic storage bin that has enough tools/supplies/etc to allow me and the family to camp out of the car for at least 3 days.

I have come to the conclusion that if we do ever need to suddenly bug out it will have to be by car. If that ever happens it might take us days just to get out of the state, and we need to be able to perhaps spend a few nights camping out of the car. This box is something we can just grab and go if we ever have to.

I added a Daisy slingshot and some pellets to the box that I recently got at Walmart (not associated with Gunmart). Its a great way to discretely take small game and would be very useful in a bug out situation or for an extended bug in situation. I have literally only shot this thing two times thus far, but it is pretty accurate. Right now, having only fired two shots, I could probably take a small animal at about 50 feet. I am sure that with a little “range time” I could prove to be quite lethal with this thing.