The new normal

Looks like the boom in the gun industry is starting to slide its way into more traditional centers of commerce. There is a guy in Houston who bought and renovated a location in a strip mall in Texas. The place is called the Arms Room Gun Range, and it opened up in a shopping center right next to a Target (no pun intended), Home Depot, and Petsmart. In retail these centers have stores that are known as “destination stores”, and I personally could not think of anything more appropriate then a gun range/shop. Turns out now that foot traffic is up at the center and business for all the stores there seems to be on the rise.

Later, representatives of PetSmart Inc. thanked him for boosting the center’s customer traffic, he said.
Jin Dong, the manager of a Mattress Giant store that shares a wall with the Arms Room, is one of the gun range’s happy neighbors. “People do come in here with guns, and that’s kind of weird. But they have brought a lot of traffic. It’s way better than nothing,” he said. “I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t have to worry about getting robbed, that’s for sure.”

 Image source and more to read from a local perspective here