And now a little something for the ladies…

via Girls Guide To Guns

A Bond girl fantasy camp? Oh why not…

 Bond Girl Bootcamp is a full day experience of a lifetime. A 360-degree dive into an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride where YOU are sexy bad-ass with the 9mm.

Bond Girl Bootcampʼs hardcore adventure that brings you and other Bond Girls under the zero-frills direction of exclusive celebrity trainers and veteran special ops instructors who provide the tactical skills that tap your raw emotion. These high-speed stunt drivers, shoot-to-kill marksmen, burlesque performers and more are the show-no-mercy sergeants who will whip your ass into kick-ass. Gain talents and confidence that will blow your boyfriend’s mind and skills that could blow his head off.

From poker to pool, from seduction to staying calm under pressure, there are no limits to what you can walkway with after a day in the life of a Bond Girl.

Their next “mission” is on July 30th and will cover Precision Scenario Shooting, Survival Defense Combat Skills, and Elite Sniper Training…. Cost: $350