The guy over at

I dont know how to really say this, so I will just lay it out there… Here is what is going on:

July 3, 2011 — .I have malignant melanoma stage four, and it is in the lining of my left lung. I am not able to do much these days, and will be going to doctors and hospitals regularly, so cannot do anymore Thanks to all of you for being faithful readers. I have canceled the credit card that pays for this site, so it will go away pretty soon. But let me say this: I am trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, and whether I live or die, it is by His grace, and I will gladly receive it from His wounded hand. He is my Savior and Lord in all circumstances. Bye everyone!

July 25, 2011 — Pray for my healing, please. Thanks to all of you who are praying for me. I cannot begin to tell you have much my heart is touched, and all the tears of gratitude and brotherhood in Christ that I have shed. Please keep on praying for me. For the many of you who have offered to keep going, let me just say this: Please feel free to copy any of to your hard drive, and include it and upload it to your own website. Give me credit or not, I don’t care. That should enable the useful parts of to continue to survive here and there.

I am pretty much speechless right now, but I have a heavy heart for this guy. Besides his great website (which has been around since 2004), he is a member of many various forums out there and is without a doubt a big presence in the online gun community. There is no doubt where this guy is heading once this is all over, but that doesnt mean that it wont be an extremely difficult journey for him and his family. Here is his email if you want to reach out to him with some kind words. He lives in Tenn, so some of you bloggers and other folk that live there as well might especially want to reach out to him.