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Shelley Rae covers the LC9

Over on Gun Nuts, Shelley talks about her impressions of the LC9 that they recently started carrying at the rental counter of the gun shop she is at.

Even though it did better than I thought it would the gun was was still a beast to shoot

More at the link.

Review: Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi

I mentioned the other day on The Facebook that I recently had a box show up at my door from the good people at Magnum Boots USA. Inside said box was a kick ass (no pun intended) set of their latest and greatest… The Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi.

Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi

Magnum bills these boots as being built for special operators in mountainous terrain, and that might be an understatement. To say that these boots are tank tough would be putting it mildly. The tread is aggressive and highly effective. The tread (constructed by Vibram) and the upper (Constructed of their SuperFabric Technology) are both tough as nails and will without a doubt stand up nicely to the rigors of rocky environments. You will also notice in the picture above a darker brown portion built into the inner portion of the upper… Thats a fast rope protection area constructed of a V4 compound by Vibram (yeah, I don’t ever really see me using that for its intended purpose).

Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi

So far, I have put approximately 5 or 6 miles on these boots hiking through woods, streams, and cow pastures, and my feet have been very happy. They are comfortable… They are light weight… They break in well… and they are breathable. It is especially remarkable how breathable they in fact are for being a waterproof boot. You couple in the fact that I have been wearing these boots during some hot spring weather in the south, and its been a pleasant surprise.

Another nice feature of the Sidewinder is that the eyelets on these boots lock the laces in place. This really aides in locking your foot into the boot. Simply put… once you tie these boots on, your foot stays put. The laces wont loosen up and your foot wont move around. This goes a long way to keeping blisters off your feet and makes those long treks that much easier to bear. The Sidewinder gives you ankle and foot support that is darn close to being on par with a ski boot.

 Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi
Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPi

So whats the bottom line?

These are a great set of boots! Magnum put together a quality product that will stand up to hard use and provide amazing comfort. If I were gonna have to go into combat, these are the boots that I would want on my feet. They are by far the highest quality and best made boots I have ever worn.