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Would You Draw Your Gun to Defend Your Dog in a Public Park?

Here is an interesting question. And here is my response from the comments section:

In my neck of the woods it would be illegal.

Use of deadly force (Shooting a gun) can only be used to protect the lives of people (dogs are viewed as property). You have to remember that you will be held responsible for discharging your gun as well as for each and every bullet that you fire. So, I would only do it if I were out in the middle of nowhere. I would not discharge my firearm for the sake of my dog if I was in a public park, walking around my neighborhood, or anything else like that.

That being said, I would probably pull my gun immediately and pistol whip the other dog into submission.


The Truth About Guns puts together a nice read about the gun here.

A few years ago, I was struck with a nervous disorder. I spent most of 2007 and 2008 in excruciating pain, in and out of the hospital, undergoing test after test, trying to determine why my lower back and leg muscles would not stop twitching, spasming and cramping. I spent the better part of three years regaining my strength, teaching my legs and lower back how to work together again. I’ve come a long way since then, but I can no longer physically protect myself, my wife and my four daughters. One thing I’ve learned from this ordeal: buy a firearm that you can use instead of one that “looks cool” or “packs a lot of punch” . . .

I think I’ve decided on my next gun purchase

I think I am going to be picking up a Spike’s Tactical AR.. I’m just gonna get their standard carbine and then build it out from there. Its gonna be a while before I can save up and make this happen, so who knows if I might change my mind between now and then… but man I want one of those so bad!

Taurus .22 LR Conversion Kits

News on The Interets is that Taurus will be introducing new kits for their pistols at the April NRA Show:

Bob Morrison, the president and CEO of Taurus International, appeared to let slip that his company would be introducing .22 LR conversion kits for Taurus pistols at the April NRA show.  Morrison was being interviewed by Tom Gresham on the March 27 broadcast of the radio show Gun Talk.
Morrison said that Taurus was introducing a variety of new products at the show and said when you see them, you will say “…why didn’t I think of that?”
Although Morrison said he would not reveal any of the new products, later while he was talking about ammo price increases, he made mention of being able to shoot .22 LR ammunition in Taurus pistols with the same trigger pull, etc.  Shortly thereafter, Morrison seemed a bit chagrined and said in a good natured way that Gresham pulled the information out of him.

Video: Another open carry dust up with police

This is some clown in Minn who is trying to deliberately cause a dust up with the cops by violating a local court ban on carrying in a area that is actually in a Federal Courthouse building. He quickly folds his tent when the cop acts like an intelligent human being and tells him all he wants him to do is go put it in his car.

IMO, this guy is a total asshat. He is not winning friends and influencing people, and it seems to me like a great way to get shot…. but thats probably what this prick really wants.