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Gabby Franco

NRA Blog has a really good read on Top Shot’s Gabby Franco. Like I have said before, she was by far the most liked shooter on the show this year, and a damn good shooter as well (best performing female shooter ever). I am very interested in seeing where she lands within the industry after this whole Top Shot thing is over.

Exit Question: Much like American Idol… when the non-winners are the ones that start going on to great careers isnt it indeed time for the show to go?

*Maybe it isnt going to be canceled… maybe

Top Shot Season 4 Spoiler

The winner is gonna be Greg Littlejohn… and once again, they do it to themselves.

Last season Dustin’s massive social media presence made it pretty darn obvious that he was the winner well before the final episode ever aired. This season, I am going ahead and making the not so bold prediction that Greg Littlejohn is the winner based on his presence at the recent NRA convention.

I mentioned this on the Facebooks back when Julie G posted a picture of the two of them at the show. I knew something had to be up and at the time I thought he was the only contestant at the convention. The other day the NRA Blog cleared things up a little further when they reported that the only contestants from season 4 in attendance were Greg Littlejohn and Gabby Franco. Gabby has already been eliminated. She was one of the most liked contestants this season (and the best female shooter on the show thus far) and probably already has a gig lined up within the industry… so that right there can explain her presence. Greg on the other hand has no reason to be there other than to press the flesh as the not-yet-champion of Top Shot.

I will also say that since the show is DOA for any future seasons, I would not be at all surprised if confirmed leaks of who the winner really is come out before the finale.

But remember… you heard it here first.