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Taurus CT9 Carbine – Dead on Arrival

I have talked about the new Taurus CT9 Carbine in the past and have derided it quite a bit. I personally just dont think that its a well executed pistol caliber carbine (or any kind of carbine for that matter). There are just too many things lacking in the overall design that just make it a disappointment and something that I think is a huge opportunity lost for Taurus.

Taurus CT9 Carbine

But here is another thing that I just found out that makes this gun DOA… Read Full Post…

Taurus? The Future of Firearms? Really?

Shelley Rae says that the future of firearms is found in Taurus USA.

Wellllllll…. I have to say, I hope not… and I hope so. Wait. What?

Yeah. Holding all things equal, from what I have seen of Taurus in the past I certainly hope not. Given everything that I am seeing about how they are making changes for the future… I hope so.

In my recent meetings with the company I’ve been fairly forward about my, and a lot of other people’s, opinion of their products. I’ve spent time explaining to them the dynamic of standing behind the counter and trying to persuade someone to buy a Glock or a Smith instead of the Taurus they’ve set their heart on. And, believe it or not, the response was, “We know, that’s what we’re trying to fix.”

Wow. That right there speaks volumes. On the other hand… Dominos Pizza did the same marketing campaign and their pizza still sucks monkey balls. We will see, but I wish them nothing but the best.

Report: Taurus to buy Freedom Group

Alternate Headline: Taurus set to take over the firearms world

Alternate Headline: Doh?

Bloomberg.com is reporting that Taurus has been identified as a possible suitor to buy out Freedom Group. Its pure speculation at this point, but Taurus is openly saying that they are looking to expand their acquisitions, and apparently they do have enough capitol to be a player in such a deal.

Freedom Group is expected to bring between $745 million and $1.13 billion at the time of sale.

Taurus is traded under the ticker Forjas Taurus SA (FJTA4) and has been up 66% over the past year.

If Video Games Have Taught me Anything… Taurus Raging Judge

Alternate Headline: Facepalm!

Ugggggggggggh. I have yet to play COD Black Ops 2 (A little birdie told me that I will be getting it for Christmas however)… but I was bored the other night and decided to check out the Wiki page to see some screen grabs and what guns are in the game and what not… I about lost my lunch when I saw that they put the Taurus Raging Judge in the game. With a suppressor no less. Here are a couple screen grabs… Read Full Post…

Video: Taurus Promises to be More like Dominos Pizza

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Taurus gives themselves an ultimatum and lays it out there for all the gun world to see. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll believe it when I see it (I hope I have to eat my words some day soon).


BTW – Dominos Pizza still sucks.