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A Look at the M&P VTAC 9mm

Modern Service Weapons has a wonderful post up looking at a M&P VTAC all stripped down. The pics are wonderful, and the entire post is definitely worth your time.

Slide Fire Stock on M&P 15 22

Alternate Headline: I have a huge-ass smile on my face and I wasnt even at the range.

Oh, I want me one of these so bad.

Exit Question: What? No video?

RebeccaGuns: “the Shield is an Ideal CC Gun (for Women)”

Over at her blog she tells us all why… and you know what, she’s probably right (I’m not a woman… I cant say for sure).

From my perspective, its seems that the major underlying problem for women trying to carry concealed is that if they want to do it comfortably and effectively then they have to essentially change their wardrobe so drastically that they end up looking like a Tom-boy ready to do farm work. For most women thats an immediate dis-qualifier… and rightfully so. 1) They dont want to completely throw out their entire everyday wardrobe. 2) They still want to look pretty. Can you blame them? As a man, I hate having to dress around the gun. For me its a problem that can be easily fixed with an untucked shirt and buying my pants/shorts a little baggier, but for most women the problem is multiplied 10 fold.

However, Rebecca has proven time and again that women can effectively carry around their current wardrobe. The Shield (with the use of the proper holster) has proven to be a very integral part in all of that. Continue reading

If it aint Glock… Fix it

Brandon had some work done to his M&P… Cerakote, sights, trigger job, etc.

Shelley Rae Shoots the Shield

Over at Western Shooting Journal, Shelley talks about her first chance to get to shoot the Shield. Spoiler Alert… its yet again another rave review on this new gun. Its seems like everyone who gets the chance to shoot it falls in love.

S&W Shield Failure

Monderno mentioned this the other day on the Social Media Nets, and now he has a full write up over at his blog about what happened.

Basically what you are seeing there is a locked up Shield with a live round stuck in the chamber. It was just shy of the 1,000 round mark.