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Headshot – Guns America Edition

Gasp! That title is not in anyway keeping with the age of civility that is currently sweeping our country or something….Andrew lays the smack down on Paul Helinski, and points out that – by his own criteria – he should not have been given credentials to SHOT Show. Ouch. Thats gonna leave a mark!

Interesting find at SHOT

Over at the Armory Blog…. this is the Handgunner Backpack:

It looks like a very interesting concept, but having handguns pointed at your back does break one of the golden rules. I’d be interested in it if it had rollers on the bottom and a extendable handle like a rolling suitcase.

UPDATE – Yeah, I guess I should just go buy this one

Polymer 1911 – No, its not a Glock

Here is something else I missed from SHOT…. Polymer framed 1911. No, its not a Glock, but come on guys… get with the program and make a damn Glock 1911 already.

Notice the rail and guts are still steel. Weight is reported to be 2.04 pounds