Shannon Watts cant get enough of that sweet, sweet book sales money

You know how I know she is just in it for the money? The never ending book tour


Shannon Watts

And then there is this one…

Shannon Watts 2

This last one was actually from Watts’ twitter account so I would bet dollars to donuts that it was staged.

I would absolutely love to see what her paycheck is for her work with MDA. Mama gots to get paid.

Top 10 Things Said by Someone Who Carries a 10mm

From the way-back machine

10. “Glock 19? Nice mouse gun, Bro.”

9. “Chuck Norris is my god.”

8. “40S&W stands for Short and Weak.”

7. “Stopping power”

6. “.45 ACP? Bro, thats what my girlfriend carries.”

5. Two words: “Forum moderator.”

4. “Colt Delta Elite”

3. “Because shooting someone twice is just silly.”

2. “Man-stopper”

And the #1 thing said by someone who carries a 10mm…

1. “Perhaps a snubbie for the little lady.”

3D Printed Guns Can Not be Banned Because of ‘Common Use’

Kavanaugh just educated Feinstein on why AR-15’s are protected…

He added, “And, semiautomatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States. There are millions and millions and millions of semiautomatic rifles that are possessed, so that seemed to fit common use and not be a dangerous and unusual weapon.”

I would like to point out that the often vilified 3D printed gun falls under the same umbrella of protection…

Gun rights supporters say the online explosion — one website owner who posted the plans said his site logged 1.4 million requests over the past three weeks — shows the futility of efforts to put the genie back into the bottle.

Thats just from one single little website!

Here is where to download 3D printed guns…



Google has repeatedly flagged this gun blog for “sexual content”

Over the past week this blog has been flagged 4 separate times by Google Adsense for policy violations deemed to be “sexual content”.  The posts in question relate to a link to another blogger who was doing an ammo review and three posts titled “Gun Porn” (I guess this post will be the next to be flagged) which linked to other posts outside of this blog of gun pictures.

At first I thought maybe a liberal came across this here gun blog and tried to get me flagged just to be vindictive, but as I submitted the first two flagged pages to google for review, both were deemed to be in violation of their policy.

Google 1

I am fighting this. Stay tuned.