Mosin Nagant shows up on the battlefield being used against ISIS…

Seen over at USA Today. The caption says it is being used by a rebel to engage members of ISIS north of Syria.


Mosin Nagant

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*pretty interesting stock too.


Buy a house, get a gun!

In Arizona…
MT Real Estate Launches Gun Program

October 7, 2014 (Chandler, AZ) MT Real Estate, founded by local entrepreneurs, Marc Sepulveda and Brandon Johnson, has launched a program to help new home owners protect their investment:  a gift card presented at closing to purchase a gun or safety classes. Continue reading

I’m looking for a trigger for my AR-15…

… If anyone in the trigger making business would like to be so gracious as to send me one to work on for a review, please hit the email machine.

… For those of you blog readers out there, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

*I am most likely looking for a 2-stage trigger. I am mainly wanting this to put into my rifle in an effort to make my modern sporting hunting experience that much better.



Today’s Funny…

Secret Service lets another guy with a gun near the president…

White House gun 2

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New from Alien Gear Holsters – “2 Holster Combo”

Alien Gear Holsters Offers Big Savings With The 2 Holster Combo

Alien Gear Holsters is introducing the “2 Holster Combo” – an offer designed to provide big savings for those buying two complete holsters at once. The Combo includes inside or outside the waistband holster types, plus a choice of holster base material and clips.

Alien Gear

When purchased separately, two complete holsters could cost Continue reading

Behold! The Awesome Power of Blogging!

Alternate Headline: First World Problems.

I complained about this the other day, and poof!… Look what magically shows up in my mail box not three days later… and about a week or two ahead of schedule.