First Escrow-Enabled Bitcoin Firearms Auction

Bit Mags… Here is the presser…

BitMags Escrow - Bitcoin Firearms Auction prides itself as the first and only escrow-enabled Bitcoin firearms auction website where users can buy and sell guns and related items for Bitcoin (BTC). Buyers and sellers are both protected by the escrow system that holds the funds until the transaction has been fully completed. Items must be received “as described” in the auction before funds are released to the seller. Pending shipping time, a typical transaction can easily be completed in 3-5 days from date of purchase, which is considerably faster than the traditional “wait for a cashier’s check, and then ship” approach. Continue reading

Photo of the day: Two, two, two holsters in one!

In my best Billy Mays Voice: “But wait. There’s more!”

Thats an Alien Gear Holster that I have in house for T&E. Yes, its a modular holster that is designed to give you a bunch of different carry options. More to come after I can give it a good shake-down.



New article posted up…

Being published over at Ammoland today… Go check it out.

Now thats funny right there…

The subject line in a spam email that I just got in the blog’s email read…

“Blow her away with your gigantic weapon.”

Yes, it was most likely for some Canadian based pharmaceutical enhancement.

Pro Tip: This is how you “normalize” open carry…

This is how you open carry… Open carry picnic. On the grounds of the police department! OH THE HORROR!

Optics matter…

lol – People called the police department. lol – ‘ Ummmm…. do you know there are people outside your police station with guns?’

LOL – Don Lemon defines “automatic weapon” for us… As he sees it.

“I bought an automatic weapon (…) I can do that with my AR-15 (…) This is all semantics.”


Van Jones nods approvingly.