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Review: LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

Not long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Laserlyte. Inside of said package was their newest addition to their catalog of laser training devices… the LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans.

LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

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Does this count as gun porn???

Alternate Headline: Fun with an f1.8

Yeah, its a pretty tall order for any photographer to try to photograph a blue-gun, non-gun, laser-gun, training trigger thingy and make it look sexy. Here is my rather poor attempt at such…

LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol

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Laserlyte takes my advice – Intros dual beam Center Mass laser

Laserlyte has something in the works that I suggested they should do a while back when I reviewed their Center Mass Laser… take their traditional K15 Kryptonyte laser and couple it with the Center Mass laser to give you the best of both worlds… a single or multi dot laser. The housing looks pretty cool too. Coming soon…

MSRP is $199

Sight CM Dual Lens - Tan

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Great headline

Bravo! – All aboard the laser train(ing) – Bravo!

Lil Chantilly has a review of the Laserlyte Laser training cartridge at the above link that you should check out.

I reviewed one a while back and still love it. I use the heck out of that thing and am sure that I will one day end up running it into the ground… I’ll let you know if that ever happens.

*Amazon has the best price on them… here

The LaserLyte LT-223; .223 Training Cartridge

Awesome way to cut down on ammo costs. I have used their pistol versions and they are a great way to train.


LL LT-223  LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, are proud to announce the most highly anticipated addition to the LaserLyte® family of laser training cartridges; the LT-223, .223 Caliber Training Cartridge. The in-the-chamber design of the LT-223 allows the user to realistically train anywhere and practice tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills in the comfort of one’s own home.

LL LT-223 Chamber The LT-223 fits inside the cartridge chamber and features a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. A built-in snap cap protects the firing pin and O-rings hold the laser accurately in place allowing for repeated dry fire practice without compromising accuracy. The rim-less cartridge trainer also allows for constant racking without unintentional ejection.

The LT-223 Training Cartridge is LaserLyte® Trainer Target compatible. Incorporating the LaserLyte® TLB-1 system into any training practice provides the user with an interactive, low-cost training tool for unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping and trigger control.

LL TCS The LaserLyte® LT-223 is the foundation training cartridge for an array of new Training Cartridge Sleeves for many popular hunting calibers. The LaserLyte® Training Cartridges in the new rifle calibers give young and first-time shooters the opportunity to practice the fundamentals, as well as, refine trigger control skills for shooters of all levels. The rimmed sleeves are made of solid brass and work perfectly in all bolt-action rifles. The LT-223, in combination with any of the new Training Cartridge Sleeves and the LaserLyte® Trainer Target, can improve the success of any hunt or target shoot with realistic, anytime-anyplace, affordable training.

For more information, visit

LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Target

LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Target

Cottonwood, AZ (November 2012) – LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, have developed a new interactive target system with dual modes for reaction and training; the LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Target, TLB-RT. This new laser training system comes with two (2) targets for more realistic training scenarios. Each target works independently of each other providing the user a variety of scenarios from near-to-far or left-to-right shooting.

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