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Thanks to a partnership with Deep Conceal, I am happy to announce that the Gunmart Blog will be giving away one free deep concealment shoulder holsters to one lucky reader. You can customize it with your desired holster size, draw, and color and then they will send it to your door free of charge.

To enter the giveaway you have to do two things… 1) “Like” the Deep Conceal Facebook page and tell em the Gunmart Blog sent ya. 2) Sign up below to receive regular email updates from the Gunmart Blog. Join the email list here:

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If you are already signed up for the email list, then all you have to do is go “Like” their Facebook page. A winner will be drawn at random on November 7th 2012 from the list of *current confirmed subscribers and Facebook fans. I will contact the winner via the confirmed email address submitted and will get all your mailing information so that they can send you your prize. The winner will have 7 calender days to claim their prize. Contest is open to U.S. residents only, and the prize will only be shipped to an address inside the U.S. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. Good luck to all.

*There will be a confirmation email sent to you when you sign up, so make sure you confirm your email subscription to be eligible.

  1. Ya’ll do realize that not everyone has (or wants) a Facebook account? I know, sounds a bit strange and backwards, but there it is. If you’re not very social, and don’t really care (or have time) to know that someone is eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich while listening to Bach and sitting on some beach, well then what’s the point? I do have a Linkedin account for work, which is sorta like Facebook for grownups, but if I “Like” something there it goes out to all of my business associates (and potential clients) so that’s not happening.

  2. Thank you, that is most kind. I like what I see in the Deep Conceal shoulder holster. I have tried several “underclothes” holster options available on the market (belly bands, holster T-shirts, etc.) and none were exactly satisfactory. The Deep Conceal is very close to what I had in mind to construct for myself to address some of the fit and comfort shortcomings of those products.

    The cost of the Deep Conceal is certainly reasonable and, whether I win it in a giveaway or purchase it myself, I plan to soon own one. I regularly visit several gun forums, gun blogs, and gun e-zines and, especially if they prominently display a link on the main page, I take a look at what product they may be giving away. The growing trend for these giveaways is that the only way a person can win – either as the sole form of entry or by being an entry multiplier – is to “Like” the site on Facebook and/or Tweet something about it. Surely I’m not the only old fogey (especially as a gun enthusiast) who isn’t a fan of social media? Just my two cents. Again, I do appreciate your offer and will be sending a copy of this response to you via email.

    1. i want to win because i relaly want that stuffs so badi can’t afford iti never had any iphone or apple products beforei’ve always wanted to have one since the first iphone came outand lastlyi wan’t to have one for christmas [tho i know you’re not gonna pick me :[]

    2. JM, I know exactly how you feel! I cannot stand FB. I have a page just to enter contests. I really don’t like that I had to make one to enter a contest.
      I also know your problem with holsters. I never carried daily with a hip holster. Typically had my secondary weapon on my chest. I’ve tried so many of the “Concealment Holsters” only to find them uncomfortable, binding, pinching or putting the Pistol at an angle that it’s poking into my side or belly? As it has expanded over the years! Hahahaha! I love a Jackass rig! A nice all leather underarm sling like piece are just the bee’s knees! I looked at an Urban Carry holster a few days ago at the local Cabelas, much nicer feel to the leather than I expected. I’d like to try one on before buying it but probably won’t get that option. That is the one holster I’m curious about. Have a great day sir!

  3. Eric,
    I don’t wish at all to appear ungrateful, but on second thought could I get you to remove my entry from the Deep Conceal giveaway? Rules are rules and if the merchant wanted and expected a large Facebook exposure as part of the price of donating one of their products then that is what they should have. On top of that, the last thing I want would be for me to be the one to win the drawing and then have that become an issue because an exception was made. Hopefully any future giveaways will not hinge, at least entirely, on having one or more social media accounts.

    Thank you again and sorry for the trouble,

  4. You are lucky to get that. Heard they are sold out. I was laughing when you were aniksg it personal ?’s. I’ve got the Droid Bionic 4G phone that just came out. I think the iPhones are very cool though.

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