David Hogg is not the problem. We are the problem…

The problem here is not David Hogg… The problem here is that our side has not figured out social media as a weapon of war yet.

Going after the advertisers is not being a petulant baby, its just him running a very effective play from their playbook. This is not the first time this play has been run and it certainly wont be the last. They are actively looking for any excuse to use it.

The head mommy said so herself… the goal is to change corporate policy. The goal is to control the debate through advertising dollars. The goal is to use corporate governance as a way to vilify. Money makes the world go around, and if big business goes anti-gun we are finished.

They are proving very effective at using Twitter as a weapon. Corporations do not understand that 99% of Twitter storms are bots. All they see is  thousands of people (potential customers) are mad at them. They view it as a true public outcry and that they must capitulate or they will lose massive amounts of sales.

Laura Ingraham is no different. She is not a patriot looking to better our country. She is a professional TV personality who does not want to lose her revenue stream. All of them are, and all of them will cave to this pressure.

We have to figure this social media thing out. And we have to figure it out now! It is one of their most effective plays. We need to start weaponizing Twitter, not organically, but with bots running campaigns.

Our side is losing the game because we are running the same old school plays that are deader than a dinosaur. Our playbook has become outdated. Its the offense of the old wishbone triple option where we want to hand the ball to the running back 75 times and have the quarterback never throw a pass… all the while we are in a world of  high flying frisbee catching wide receivers and tunnel screens. Three yards and a cloud of dust is no longer cutting it. We had better figure out how to run an uptempo offense or we are finished.

David Hogg is not the problem. The problem is that we have proven to have no counter to this extremely effective play.


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Thats true to some extent, but thats not exactly the lay of the land.

Corporations ARE folding. Justifiably or not. The fact is that you don’t have to actually conduct a boycott for this play to be effective. All they have to do is manufacture outrage and make a company perceive that there is a public outcry and a coming boycott if they do not pivot.

These battles are being won in a matter of days. Some companies cave within 24 hrs. Trying to take the approach that businesses should take the time to evaluate the boycott’s effect and have shareholders hold the board of directors accountable is not going to prove effective. It might be a way of conducting ongoing education about the faux outrage, but Laura Ingraham lost her sponsors in a matter of days. FOX was demanding damage control almost immediately. Dick’s, Citigroup, Delta pivoted to being anti-gun in a very short period of time after the Florida shooting. Drumming up fake outrage on Twitter gets the attention of big businesses and causes them to change sides very rapidly.

These have to be beat back immediately or we lose the battle. These small individual battles will eventually lose us the war. Virtue signalling is becoming a very effective form of advertising/marketing. It resonates with people, and its telling people that guns are bad.

We have to find a solve for this method of attack.

This is a winning play every time they run it. And we are sitting here complaining about it. Its like that person who is playing Madden and they keep complaining about their opponent running the same pass play over and over again for a touchdown.

“Come on, run a different play. This is stupid. You run the same pass play every time. This is boring.”

You want them to stop? Then find a way to stop that play.

This has gone on long enough that it is now our fault that we can’t stop that play. They are playing to win, and until we find an effective counter they are going to keeping running this play over and over again. And they are going to score every time that they run it.

  1. I’m not sure if Twitter mobs are bots or not.

    What I do know is that for boycotts to be effective they have to be drawn out and significant. These rage de jure activists don’t have the long term fortitude to affect a company’s financials.

    If a company evaluated their sales and financial figures for a quarter or a year following a call for a boycott and they went down, then acquiescing would make sense. Folding after a day of Twitter rage has only proven to be a negative.

    It’s easy to say you are going to get a boycott on Twitter, it’s harder to carry that out.

    The management reacts and only does damage to their brand rather than staying neutral and seeing what the financials say.

    What needs to happen is for share holders and investors to come in and say “We see that after a company folds to a Lefty Twitter mob revenue goes down. Any manager that folds to a Twitter mob rather than wait and see what actually happens to sales is fired and blacklisted from the corporate world.”

  2. That’s like saying police are the cause of crime because they don’t prevent it well enough. Utterly moronic.

    Social Media was never going to be anything but a cesspool. You wade in and all you get to show for it is leeches.

  3. Then maybe the best solution is to outright eliminate Social Media for good and both the so called head mommy and the P.O.S. tampon loving activist that is mentioned in this article (As well as the leftists financing them both) deserve to be Executed for Treason preferably by a Firing Squad.

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