BREAKING – President Michelle Obamas’ DOJ Moves to redefine ‘Machine Gun’ to include semi-automatics

On Saturday President Michelle Obama’s Attorney General, Diane Feinstein, filed regulation to redefine the term ‘machine gun’ to now include the rapid fire firearms more commonly known as ‘semi-automatics’.

After successfully using this regulatory maneuver on her first day in office to outlaw high capacity magazines (now legally defined as having more than 4 rounds), muzzle breaks, pistol arm braces, adjustable triggers, laser aiming devices, vertical grips, and shoulder thingys that go up… President Michelle Obama said in a statement late Saturday that given the 2018 precedent set by the Trump Era Bump Stock Ban, she sees no legal impediments to this new ban on semi-automatic assault guns.

She concluded her brief statement to the press with the simple and eloquent words, “Turn them all in.”

Her press secretary, Shannon Watts, later confirmed that the President will next turn her attention to closing the revolver loophole.

  1. I am STUNNED by the apathy and stupidity of many in the gun world who can’t see why Trump / GOP cave ins on 2ND – Amendment matter.

    A .) Its only a bump stock they say …. ( and they dont own one so who cares )
    B.) If we criticize Trump , we might not be able to sit with …” The cool kids on the trump train ”
    C.) Cant understand , even when Senator Bill Nelson says ” This is only a FIRST STEP ” …. that Trumps appeasement has HURT us and gun rights in general.

  2. News Flash! On Monday the White House was surrounded and the entire Obama posse was marched out in front of the Lincoln Memorial where they mewt their fates on a gallows erected by an enraged citizenry.

    Mooochelle cursed the military for not stopping the massive mobs from storming the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court. She also blasted BLM, SPLC, Antifa, and the ACLU for turning tail and surrendering when confront by about 300 Vietnam veterans, who had somehow lost their way and stormed the White House ahead of the main body of protesters.

    Their corpses were wrapped in bacon and air dropped over Tehran.

    There was rejoicing throughout the US, except in the breakaway People’s Republic of California, where massive revolts are now underway against President for Life Moonbeam.

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