Rights don’t change just because technology changes…

Similar to yesterday’s discussion, We should not and shall not ban semi-automatic firearms simply because technology has advanced since the days of muskets.  Our rights are not conditional. They are not situational, and they certainly do not change just because technology changes.

Lets apply this liberal logic to other rights shall we?

Perhaps we should ban voting… After all, Donald Trump was elected President and by liberal definition he is literally Hitler. He will surely kill far more people than guns ever will. Liberals tell us that his global warming policy will end life on this earth. So… just like they are now telling us that guns are too much of a danger to society, so is voting. Obviously people can not be trusted with the right to vote.


We do not need to abolish the 2nd Amendment because technology has now made it ‘Gasp! too dangerous!’… no more than we need to abolish free speech because technology has now made it ‘Gasp! Too dangerous!’

Case in point… Twitter, Facebook, Insta, and all the rest of the socials have literally made it possible for foreign actors to troll and sow seeds of discontent. By liberals definition, they changed the outcome of a Presidential election… so if we apply the same liberal logic of the gun debate then we must, repeat MUST! ban Facebook and Twitter. For the children!

The Second protects the First.

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