‘Donald Trump kills more people than guns, we should ban voting!’

Thats the argument that liberals are making right now… That our constitutional rights are situational, and that they are conditional.


Guns can not be banned simply because kids got murdered. Yes, its horrific what happened in the Florida school shooting, but that does not mean that our rights are predicated on the fact that firearm ownership is acceptable only if nobody gets killed. We should not ban guns ‘if it saves just one life’. We should not ban guns because something horrific happened as a result of someone pulling a trigger.

If gun rights are situational then so is every other right that we hold dear.

Lets apply this liberal logic to other rights shall we?

Perhaps we should ban voting… After all, Donald Trump was elected President and by liberal definition he is literally Hitler. He will surely kill far more people than guns ever will. Liberals tell us that his global warming policy will end life on this earth. So… just like they are now telling us that guns are too much of a danger to society, so is voting. Obviously people can not be trusted with the right to vote. We need to have a panel of 5 people decide who our representatives should be. Clearly the right to vote is a scourge on our society and the world as a whole so we should ban it.

Here is one for you… Trump was elected because he carried the white female vote. So by liberal logic we should ban white women from voting.

Here is the flip side of it for when ‘your team’ is not in power. Barrack Obama carried 97% of the black vote. What if we all of a sudden decided that black people should not have the right to vote?

The shooting in the night club in Florida happened at a gay night club. Perhaps we should ban gays from peacefully assembling?

If we are have ‘a national conversation’ about raising the age to buy a gun to 25 then why not raise the right to vote age to 25?

Where does it end? If all rights are now conditional then literally everything is on the table.

Nope. Rights are not conditional. They are not situational. And rights do not change just because technology changes. If the police and the military have AR-15s then We The People not only have the right to own AR-15s but a patriotic duty to own them to maintain the balance of power.

  1. Actually the Founding Fathers said the people should have the right to the same weapons as the Military.

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