A new Browning joins the family…

Enter the new Browning Buckmark Camper…

Browning buckmark 02

I found a great deal in the run up to Christmas. Coupled with the purchase price and the current Browning rebate… this little gem came in at a very reasonable $200+ tax.

I’ve only had one chance to take it out shooting so far but here are my early thoughts…

If you have never handled a Browning Buckmark before they are very well made, quality firearms. I was not disappointed with this particular sample. The gun needed a good cleaning (it was obviously test fired at the factory) and lubrication (it was one of the driest new firearms that I have ever handled).

Browning buckmark 01

The gun fits my average sized hand very nicely, and the rubber grips are super nice to the touch and are great in cold weather.

At the range the gun shot flawlessly on multiple types of ammo with the one exception of Federal American Eagle. That was the only type of ammo that I found that it would have trouble with. It ran everything else like a champ, but would consistently choke down with FTF after the first or second round of American Eagle. Other than that it points nicely and is a wonderful shooter.

Browning buckmark 05

My only complaints about the pistol would revolve around two things. First the all black front sight. This pistol (and my eyes) scream for a fiber optic front sight. To be fair, other models do offer this option, but their base model does not. If not a necessity, it would certainly be a great improvement as sight acquisition is slow with the current setup. There are aftermarket replaceable front sights which would remedy this.

The only other complaint that I can register about this pistol is the trigger shape. This is a personal preference and it may not be universal to all shooters. The trigger itself is wonderful, but I feel that the deep U-shaped trigger is somewhat lacking. Before firing the gun I thought that the trigger shape would be a huge deal, but at the range it seemed to just take some getting used to. For lack of a better term, its weird. The gun would achieve near perfection if the trigger was a more traditional and flattened faced trigger. Those are available as aftermarket upgrades. Continued shooting will determine if I go that route and replace it or not.

More to come. Stay tuned.

*** If any aftermarket suppliers would like to send me any holsters or aftermarket parts for the Browning Buckmark for review please send me an email.

Browning buckmark 04