Gabby Giffords’ gun control group is smarter than you think…

Yes, the gun grabbers working for Gabby Giffords are smarter, more engaged, and more cunning than you think. This is something very important to be mindful of as we fight this good fight. Never, ever underestimate your enemy.

I have said this before – Its a trap! – and I think we are seeing a prime example of this with Gabby Giffords. We all had a nice chuckle recently when news broke that Gabby Giffords’ group was vilifying muzzle loaders and saying that the Maxim 50 should be banned. It makes for a nice headline, and most definitely a great opportunity to belittle our political opponents.

But, notice how relevant and timely this attack is. The Maxim 50 is a fairly new to market product. Take note… They are engaged. They picked up on this quickly. And they are smart. They can put two and two together and realize that this is a work around of current suppressor laws. Even if this is just on a single shot muzzle loader, they are quickly moving to vilify this and paint this as a public danger so that they can then translate that into political capital to vilify the legalization of all silencers. This is smart. very smart.

Do not get complacent. And do not believe that anti-gunners are naive and ignorant. They are most certainly smart, cunning and a force to be reckoned with.


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