Gun grabbers pivot. Search for the next bump stock

No, it was not a “brilliant move” by the NRA to concede ground. ‘Come and take it’ should have been the response. But, just as I predicted, the Gun Grabbers are moving forward. Coming after your magazines, your rifles, your handguns, and everything. They want everything.

From The Hill

The next bump stock? Gun reform advocates think they’ve seen a few.

The debate over bump stocks –– the little-known devices used to deadly effect during last month’s shooting massacre in Las Vegas –– has all but vanished on Capitol Hill. But gun reformers are already seeking to identify similar products in hopes of convincing Congress to apply new restrictions aimed at preventing the next tragedy.

  1. Actually, the NRA’s call for administrative action makes it much less likely that any of these bills will pass. Of course, they are all efforts to leverage Las Vegas to impost draconian gun control measures – but many Democratic Senators from pro-gun rights states are up for re-election next year. The last thing they want is a democratic gun bill to pass. The bottom line is, yes we need to stop them – and no, it will not be hard.

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