Eric R Poole: Glock Hates Guns & Ammo Magazine

According to Guns & Ammo editor Eric R Poole, Glock hates them… and has probably black listed (banned) them. After Images of G&A’s cover leaked and spread like wild fire on the internet, the spoiler of Glock’s new .380 – and the pissed off that it wasn’t a 9mm Glock fans – was enough to make Glock want to start a feud.

Seen in this month’s current issue of G&A…

Glock 01

Glock 02

Glock 03

  1. While glock has been revolutionary since it’s inception & financially helped my home state of Ga with industry I tired of All glock, All the time. Looking for parts/accessories for Anything other means clicking ad nauseum thru volumes of virtual pages if site search is weak. Ever been overexposed to a new movie & not bother to see it? While I prefer American made, I Don’t bow to Any earthly alter, human or product & loved seeing the CZ P-10 grab it, they are sweet all around But this striker fired will take some acclimation, the sight & feel of a hammer Is reassuring. I even went hot turkey on a Canik tp9sf, a pistol I could beat on. Again quite surprised, great trigger & price! Mr. Poole, you’re a man of high caliber to shrug off false accusations while Still referring their qualities, sounds like a marine that’s spent time in the sandbox & grateful for upright return. It’ll take an apocalypse to top that… My respects Sir
    Doug P

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