Former NBA lottery pick and USA Mr. Basketball arrested on weapons charges

Former USA Mr. Basketball and 13th overall pick Sebastian Telfair has been arrested on weapons charges according to PIX11 in New York. Below is apparently what he was caught with, which looks like an insane little cache of ammo and weapons. BREAKING: @NBA star Sebastian Telfair arrested in BK with semi-automatic gun, loaded guns, loads of…

  1. When are gun owners going to learn that you DO NOT take your guns from another State to NY, NJ, MD, CT, MA, CA, HI, D.C. , DE or Canada.
    And stay out of Illinois unless you can afford the non-resident permit.

    1. You left out South Carolina. SC recognizes permits from less than half of the states. And you cannot get a non-resident permit unless you own property in SC.

      Illinois is OK as long as you leave it in the car. Forget about a non-resident permit there. It is only available to residents of four states.

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