Michigan House Approves Carrying Concealed Guns Without Permits

Michigan state House of Representatives on Wednesday approved A legislation allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms without a permit. The package consisting of four bills will now move to the Senate for approval, Reuters reported. Two bills were passed with 59 to 49 votes, Wednesday, the Associated Press reported, while the other two bills were…

  1. “Democrats who voted against it said, if passed, the bill would allow offenders, stalkers, and criminals to carry concealed pistols.”
    It’s already ILLEGAL for them to carry a gun, this does NOT make it legal for them.

  2. I agree with constitutional carry. As these requirements are removed I would like for the state to come up with the carrot approach to encourage these idiots to get trained. I live in a state that no longer requires a permit. The idiots have come out of the wood work and are down at the local Walmart along with other places. I just don’t want to be around them when the Darwin effect takes place.

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