New Springfield XDE: Stupid in all the wrong places.

Springfield XDE

So news of the new  Springfield XDE broke today.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I have not shot the Springfield  XDE yet, I have not even held this pistol, but here are my thoughts…


Why in the world would they make the new Springfield XDE with an exposed external hammer? Bad, bad idea for a tiny little concealed carry gun. For the same reason I would never choose a snubby with an exposed hammer, this gun would be automaticly disqualified for me as a choice for concealed carry simply because of that hammer. …. ‘But 1911s, but cocked and locked’ … Shut up.  How bout dat.

Also, from the video…

1) Lots of muzzle flip. Lots of muzzle flip even in the hands of Rob Lathem. The gun seems to have a very high bore axis and this may be causing unneeded muzzle flip.

2) No, the grip does not reduce recoil. Good grief. Physics, people!

3) ‘Low effort slide’… “Quicker in the street.” … NO! Carry with one in the chamber!

MSRP is $519

Also, late to the party… and $519? Hell, you can buy a S&W Shield for under $300 right now. I’ll pass.

*Internet rant. You get what you pay for.

Internet Commando

  1. Try again. It’s DA/SA with a decocker. You don’t carry it cocked and locked. It’s a small plastic gun. Recoil happens. Low racking effort is a plus. How many times have people said, “A revolver for the little miss.” Because racking a slide is to hard? Also, clearing a malfunction on the street is faster with less effort, but is too wordy for a sales pitch. Your gripe is with the ad writers not the gun.

  2. Yes. Its not carried cocked an locked… hence the revolver reference. But 1911 fanboys will always bring up that The Pistol of The Gods has a hammer… cocked and locked even… and ‘John Mosses Browning never had a problem with it.’

    I dont like anything that can snag on the draw. And an exposed hammer, rounded or not, has that potential.

    Look, to each their own, but I personally think this is a situation of a ‘Hey, we got a single stack nine too!’

    I dont get it, and I think there are better choices at better prices.


    1. Lefty here. Large hands, and prefer the added measure of security of sa/da and decocker. There is NO single stack out there this ambi-friendly. Was going to spring the $850 for the new Beretta PX4 Carry (a double, but…) so this worth a look.

      My home defense guns are a pair of CZ 75s set up just like this. You going to say on those too?

  3. This joke of a blog was so biased and so bad that I’ll never read any thing else from here I know that. Pathetic

  4. I have carried a Sig 938 cocked and locked since they first came out. I have never had a problem with hammer snagging on something since the spur does not stick out when the hammer is cocked. I think more is made of this potential problem than is warranted.

  5. I agree with the author! In an age of striker fired pistols why would anyone want to carry one that has two different trigger pulls..A Decocker..And I assume a safety. A step backwards. Get a Glock. As for a 1911 ?? Why? Only place for that antique is in WW1 re enactments

    1. And WW2 enactments, and Korea, and Vietnam, and the desert with the Marines.

      But other than that you are spot on,

  6. If you don’t like the weapon. Please do not buy one. OTHER than that, I think I will just because of your DUMB@$$ RANT. IF, I do not care for it I will sell it.

  7. “Now, I will preface this by saying that I have not shot the Springfield XDE yet, I have not even held this pistol, but here are my thoughts…”

    I think that tells me everything I need to know about this article.

  8. Why is everyone trolling this guy so hard for giving his opinion in a blog post? Thats basically what a blog is for.

  9. Why is everyone trolling him so hard? Well to start with, he’s providing an uninformed opinion on a firearm he admits he’s never held, much less shot. He’s not the target market, obviously, and he sounds significantly uninformed about the market, some shooter preferences (other than his own), and the industry in general.

    I’m a lefty, have larger hands, prefer the additional peace of mind of a hammer, safety/decocker, and a heavier DA first pull. Oh yeah, and I am in the market for just such a firearm as this.

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