ATF Reverses Itself on Shouldering a Pistol Brace

Alternate Headline… This is going to cost me some money!

Bleg… I really want a 9mm PDW that uses a pistol brace of some sort, and I have for some time now. Which route should I go? Ideally, it would be as short and compact as possible, have a folding pistol brace, and take glock mags.

Use the comment section and point me in the right direction. What should I buy? What platform? What brace should I attach? Should I just abandon the idea of Glock mags?

  1. You to? I’m getting the itch for an 8.5″ AR in .300 AAC with pistol brace for a car gun. Looking to get it as short as possible with high degree of reliability.

  2. I built an AR SBR 9mm using a 5″ bbl but for a pistol I’d recommend no shorter than an 8″ bbl. At 5″ the front sight post is difficult to focus on so a red dot is almost mandatory but mostly you can not put a VFG on a pistol and a 4″ handguard isn’t much to hang onto. Use a hand stop either way.

    1. Additional thoughts: if you want to use Glock mags and have a LRBHO that works check out Matrix Arms. A regular carbine length buffer tube, a KAK Extended 9mm Buffer combined with a AR-308 carbine spring was utterly reliable for me with all bullet weights both suppressed and not. Now that I have the stamp, the UCIW stock from LWCRI with a buffer from works flawlessly. Lastly, I’ve had very good experiences with barrels from Orion and Ballistic Advantage.

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