The National PTA is still Anti-gun, Anti-hunting, Anti-shooting sports…

This was my write up from a while back. Well, it looks like The national PTA is still openly hostile to the 2nd Amendment. They are also openly advocating for gun bans.

And I quote…

Given the history and tradition of strong support for the safety and protection of children and youth, the National PTA supports federal restrictions on firearms that would:

  •  require, prior to purchasing a firearm, a waiting period and background check to screen out illegal firearm purchasers such as convicted felons and drug-related offenders;
  •  outlaw military-style semi-automatic assault weapons; and
  •  require knowledge of appropriate firearms use and safety practices.

Military-style semi-automatic assault weapons would include those firearms which:

  • were originally designed for military or law enforcement purposes; and for fully automatic purposes;
  • are designed to be fired in full or semi-automatic mode in combat;
  • are designed to accommodate a large capacity combat magazine.


Examples of ways to improve youth safety and to restrict guns to only responsible owners include advocating for the following:

  • gun safety locks and other safety devices to prevent young children from accidentally discharging a gun
  • alternative educational settings for youth who have brought a firearm to school, along with appropriate evaluation and counseling
  • restrict Internet gun sales, including kits that can be used to make/modify guns
  • enforce federal and state minimum age requirements for handgun purchases
  • raise the minimum age to 21 to be allowed to buy a handgun from non-licensed dealers
  • allow at least three business days to conduct background checks
  • require non-licensed dealers to conduct background checks and fill out proper paperwork so that guns can be traced
  • increase penalties for the transfer of handguns or semiautomatic assault weapons to juveniles for use in a crime
  • revoke the license of dealers who knowingly sell to minors
  • establish education programs to teach students, parents, and community members about gun safety and violence prevention
  • prevent juveniles who commit violent crimes from buying guns as adults


Resolved, That the National PTA and its constituent bodies shall seek and support legislation requiring that all guns and other weapons, after being processed and released by the courts, shall not merely be dismantled, but destroyed; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA and its constituent bodies support federal legislation to require a license to purchase a handgun; prohibit the sale of more than one handgun a month to any individual; prohibit gun possession by those convicted of spousal abuse and child abuse; require a special license for possession of a gun arsenal; require gun dealers to pay an increased annual license fee; mandate a federal tax on assault weapons ammunition; and, ban semi – automatic assault weapons, Saturday night special handguns, and non – sporting ammunition


Resolved, That the National PTA urge its constituent bodies, and the Department of Defense E ducation Activity, to participate in firearm safety and awareness programs carefully chosen to avoid those that might inadvertently encourage or promote children’s access to firearms; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA encourage its constitu ent bodies, and the Department of Defense Education Activity to educate parents, children, youth and communities about the importance of firearm safety and awareness; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA urge its constituent bodies, and the De partment of Defense Education Activity to promote public education campaigns to alert parents and community members about the harm and injury which handgun violence is inflicting on children and youth; and be it further


Resolved, That the National PTA encourage its constituent bodies to educate its members and communities concerning the dangers of Saturday Night Specials/Junk Guns; and be it further

Resolved, That the National PTA urge its constituent bodies to support legislation, regulation and/or other national, state and local measures to ban the manufacture, sale or possession of Saturday Night Specials/Junk Guns.

  1. I think this is the same item that I saw at a gun show in Dallas, TX and thought it was pretty neet.

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