Holster for suppressed pistols and long barrel pistols.


X-FER V2 Holster Full Kit (IWB/OWB/Modular Hardware):

Light Specific: The X-FER holster locks on to the weapon light system (X-300U- A or X-300), rather than the trigger guard.

Modularity: The X-FER V2 can be worn Outside the Waistband or Inside the Waistband. It comesstandard with an IWB loop. Utilizing its multiple mounting holes, you can affix it to most mountingplatforms including Tek-Locs and/or drop leg mounts. You can also adjust the cant and ride height.

Silencer/Suppressor: The X-FER V2 allows you to holster a firearm with a mounted silencer/suppressor.

Minimalistic: The X-FER V2 is minimal when in the IWB configuration, but still offers concealment, stability and comfort.

Ambidextrous: The X-FER V2 can be worn on both the right or left side.

Transferable: The X-FER V2 is able to be transferred from one gun to the next, as long as the Surefire X-300U-A fits your firearms manufactured rail.


More Information: Armordillo Concealment X-FER V2 Holster