That Mako Meprolight FT Bullseye sight is not new…

Yes, that “New” and ‘ground breaking’ Mako Meprolight FT Bullseye sight, while intriguing,  is not actually ground breaking and new after all… Apparently Tactical Aiming Solutions already introduced this concept in the way-back era of circa 2008-ish???…

Fortunately You Tube is also littered with coverage and reviews of the concept…

*The Mako sight seems to be very similar, but I guess has its differences as well, but I do wonder…


» Patent Pending No. 161911 (Israel)
» Patent Pending No. Pl0511022-0 (Brazil)
» Patent Pending No. 05740604.3 (Europe)
» Patent Pending No. 7482/DELNP/2006 (India)
» Patent No. 127899 (Singapore)
» Patent Pending No. 11/579,996 (U.S.A.)

*I am literally wondering. I am intellectually curious about how Mako’s patent compares/contrasts with TAS’s patent. I am not accusing Mako of anything. Do not misinterpret my QUESTION as a slanderous STATEMENT… DO NOT sue me.

The Mako sight will cost you $199

The TAS sight will cost you $89 – Just saying.

  1. I believe Meprolight is a rebrander exporter like Mako and CAA of Israeli stuff. I would bet the TAS comes from the exact same factory, like a lot of Chinese optics.

    1. Actually, The Mako Group is the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Meprolight and a few other Israeli manufacturers including FAB Defense and Front Line Holsters.

    2. Meprolight is an Israeli manufacturer, part of the IWI family. The Mako Group is the exclusive Distributor in the U.S. Meprolight, most likely is the largerst OEM manufacturer of pistol sights.

    3. Meprolight is the manufacturer, not a “rebrander”. They are part of the IWI family. The Mako Group is the exclusive Distributor in the U.S. Meprolight purchased the design from T.A.S. because they saw the potential in the concept.

  2. The author is partially correct with the connection to TAS. Meprolight was intrigued by the design and sometime back, purchased it from TAS. They then expanded upon the design by shortening it, adding an optical lens, the dot/circle “reticle”and tritium. It is my understanding TAS collaborated on the FT Bullseye and is doing the same on other projects. It will be interesting to see what will be next.

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