Cheaper Than Dirt, we will never EVER forget…

Let me repeat… We will never, EVER, EVER forget…

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For those of you who dont know the back story here, See here, and here for the shenanigans they tried to pull. Or just search ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ on this here gun blog.

They will never, ever see one thin dime from me.

  1. Obvious misprints are obvious.
    I’ve bought from CTD, and never been disappointed, but I am well aware than no one can please everyone every time.

    1. What’s your position at CTD, or did you come over from TAGs?
      I have bought from CTD and I have been disappointed on several occasions.
      Never Again

  2. CTD can continue to suck it. Turned my back on them in 2012 and won’t ever go back. They aren’t worth a plug nickel.

  3. Been buying from them for a long time and will continue to do so. Always good service and good prices.

  4. Funny how people can forget their “principals” when they think they can get an item for a nickle less. CTD emails go into the spam folder (I tried to unsubscribe, but that doesn’t seem to matter) and their catalogs go from the mail box to the trash can. Right after Newtown they canceled a magazine order because they weren’t available, and two days later I got an e mail ad with the same magazines at four times the price. Some things are more important than good prices. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then gunnies have already lost.

  5. Can you point to one page that will tell this story, you have about a trillion cryptic posts all linking to more cryptic posts and from what I can tell after navigating through far far far too many links they were over charging? And selling to law enforcement equipment they would not sell us because of stupid gun laws?

    1. After Newtown they drove up the prices of their mags (screen grabs above) and anecdotal accounts from around the webs were that they canceled pending orders so that they would have more mags to sell at the inflated prices (essentially rumors). They also declared that they would no longer sell guns online because it was wrong to do so. They had since reversed that policy.

    2. Agreed. It’s all terribly cryptic and conspiratorial. Reminds me of a fraternity when the Sergeant at Arms doesn’t get laid.

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