Big ATF red flag…

Via The Gun Feed this morning… The Trace is pandering for a national gun owner registry. While specifically mocking people who say that the left wants a gun owner registry. But I digress.

Here is what I saw in that article that really jumped out. Riddle me this…

If there are +/- 30,000 firearm related deaths in the US each year then why is the ATF tracing 372,992 guns each year? Thats a very big skew. Even if you factor in that they are searching out other crime guns, something is way, way off.

Other items of note…

The ATF knows that it is keeping an illegal database, but they specifically go out of their way to use the phrase “data systems” instead. Its also an unspoken rule to not mention that they use computers to process this info – Why?

The ATF violated the law 252 million times with the recent gun owner database debacle. Slap on the wrist!

I would also like to point out that their swipe at FOX News was completely 100% un-cited and with zero context. Classy.

And here is the biggest pull-quote:

The ATF says the current system is adequate. “ATF considers the process in place efficient, especially when you consider that most urgent traces are completed within hours — if not minutes — of the request,” Ray says.

I’m sorry, but why are you attempting to make the case that the ATF is shackled by not having a gun owner database and why are you trying to opine that people are in mortal danger by the lack there of if the ATF itself is saying that the current system is efficient! My Gosh, these people are down right evil.

*BTW – If you google ‘number of gun crimes in the US’ your computer immediately bogs down to a complete crawl. I’m sure I now have some spyware on my laptop that I should get rid of.

  1. If the gun was reported stolen by the owner AND he reported the serial number, then it would/should have been entered into the NCIC database of lost or stolen property.
    “locating and returning stolen property”
    If the serial number is on record, then yes, it would only take minutes to trace it.
    If not reported stolen it could take up to 24 hours to to trace.
    Model known? Serial number known?
    LE contacts ATF who contacts manufacturer with info.
    Manufacturer maintains record of what sold to distributor(s), they have record of what sold to FFL who has 4473 of purchaser. ATF gets info from FFL and contacts listed purchaser about the firearm.

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