5 Gun Control Arguments We Are Tired Of Hearing

Gun control advocates recycle the same talking points when arguing why the federal government should curtail people’s Second Amendment rights. The anti-gun lobby deploys a range of straw-man arguments, like the Founding Fathers considered “arms” to mean single-loader muskets, and the “militia” to be the only legitimate custodnian of these arms. In more recent years, theā€¦

  1. there was a gun, made 11 years prior to the ratification of the 2nd amendment, that had a 21 round magazine of .46 caliber bullets and could be fired as fast as you could pull the trigger and reloaded as fast as you can read this. they even used it on the lewis and clark expedition 13 years after the ratification.

    and it was an AIRGUN.

    so don’t give me “the founders had no idea”..they certainly DID. many of them handled and owned one of these rifles.

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