4 ways to misuse gun statistics

By Daniel Bier / FEE There’s a lot of false, misleading, or irrelevant numbers being thrown around about guns and crime, so here’s a brief guide to four potentially misleading types of statistics. 1. “The United States has a gun for every person.” It’s practically a rule that every report about guns has to mention someā€¦

  1. THIS is the BIGGEST LIE of the Left.
    “According to the GSS, just 31 percent of Americans live in a household with a gun – down from over 50 percent in the late 1970s – and only 22 percent personally own a gun. How can this be? Because most gun owners have more than one (and stores and collectors have a whole bunch).”
    They go by PERCENTAGE, not RAW NUMBERS.
    Year Households Households with gun
    1960 12 53,276,000 49% 26,105,240
    2014 12 116,827,000 42% 49,067,340
    2015 06 117,342,000 50%* 58,671,000* NRA Estimate
    So basically the number of households with guns had approximately DOUBLED, NOT DECLINED.

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