How about we sue Amy Schumer…

Yes, Inside Amy Schumer is releasing a skit to smear guns…



It’s no secret that the issue of gun control is near and dear to Amy Schumer’s heart. Following the tragic shooting during a Louisiana screening of Trainwreck last summer, Schumer has worked closely with her cousin, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, on a plan that would make it harder for violent criminals and the mentally ill to purchase firearms.

But here is my question, Are the lies presented in this video not enough of a libel/slander moment that we can move past mere derision and mocking of this Trainwreck of a human being (her words not mine) and actually make her pay financial restitution here in a lawsuit for damages to the firearms industry? This isn’t a politician here who can literally say anything they want and have legal immunity. I think that the NSSF could sue both Amy Schumer and Comedy Central for damages here. Both of which have very deep pockets.

That would start nipping this stuff in the bud real quick. It would send a message to all of Hollywood that spreading lies and mis-information about legal commerce will result in stiff financial repercussions.

Its time to start playing hard ball.

  1. CRIKEY!!!
    They won’t EVEN let you watch that particular video! You have to signin/up and/or PAY to watch it. What is she afraid of?

  2. You probably cant get her for this. She would try to hide behind it being “satire”. But its the same talking points that her and all the other ant-gun celebs spot off about, so you could probably get her on some of the recent press conferences she has done where she has said the same thing.

    I think this is a great idea. If this was being said about a specific company there would definitely be a lawsuit. Since the NSSF represents the entire industry I think that they could certainly sue on behalf of the industry as a whole and make the case that this is causing measurable harm.

    This would be a really great way to beat back the mis-information and flat out lies that are being told by the gun grabbers and anti-gun journalists. If they want to spread lies and smear the gun industry then get read to write a big fat check.

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