Irresponsible Gun Owner: Phil Robertson?

Nah. I can guarantee you that everyone in that house knows how to safely handle a gun and/or not to touch it. These are the folks who grew up with a gun leaning behind every door and who have been hunting since they were 3 years old.

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Screen Grabs Via Duck Dynasty Season 09, Episode 04 Drone Survivor

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson AR15

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson AR15 02

And with mag-coupler!…

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson AR15 03

  1. No gun should be left laying around unattended… Especially around children. I don’t care how much of a good old boy he is.

    Keep a loaded gun at the ready but use a quick access safe.

  2. Gotta wonder if someone on the TV crew thought it would look cool to hang it there. The whole thing seems out of character for this family.

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