How low can the price of suppressors go?

It looks like the prices are starting to come down. The trend has been that a good suppressor can run you $1k+. Now Radical Firearms is trying to lower the barriers to ownership. They have just released a low cost line of suppressors that puts some models as low as $219 MSRP.

This is cool, but as I have said before… if you remove the tax stamp, prices will plummet

A reliable industry source tells me that if the tax stamp and all of the waiting period and NFA crap were to be removed, they could sell suppressors by the truck-load and more importantly… prices would come way, way down.


Its really just simple economics when you think about it. There is a sh*t-ton of costly R&D that goes into making a quality suppressor. When you know that you will only be able to sell a very [artificially] limited number of end products, then you have to keep the price of your product high enough to cover those high costs and turn a decent enough profit to stay in business. If something in the market place changes which significantly increases demand for the product, then everyone in the market place who supplies consumers with these products are going to see a huge increase in revenues and profitability.

Thats when ‘the invisible hand’ of capitalism takes over… As businesses (including new businesses) jokey for position and attempt to increase market share, someone will attempt to become the ‘low price leader’ and begin to offer a comparable product at a lower price point. Competition takes over and prices begin to decline. I am sure there will still be high end $1k suppressors, but what we will see will be suppressors across every price point. Much like firearms themselves… we will see entry level suppressors in the $200 range, very good suppressors at the $500 range, and anything and everything from there on up.


  1. I built my Form 1 suppressor for my 5.56 AR and it cost me about $100 in parts. Of course there was that pesky $200 Tax Stamp and a 9 month wait for approval. And yes it works. With subsonic ammo, charging the rifle is louder than the gunshot. Video on youtube.
    The pauses between shots I am writing down the Chrono data.
    Average velocity was 1040 FPS. Hornady Match 75gr. BTHP, 4.7gr. TrailBoss.
    I could probably build suppressor for a .22 rimfire for less than $50.
    The one I am planning to build for my 300BLK will cost a bit more than the 5.56 suppressor, but should be around $150 to $200 worth of parts. And that pesky $200 Tax Stamp. Although I understand the wait time has dropped to around 90 days.

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