Pawn shop find…

I picked up a new rifle the other day…

Savage 110

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Thats a Savage 110 in .243 with a youth stock (more on that later).

I got it at a price that would have been a very good buy for just the rifle alone, but if you also factor in that it came with the 3-9×40 Redfield scope that you see there and the DNZ rings/mounts it was actually an exceptional deal. The rifle is in wonderful condition and looks like it was probably only fired a half dozen times or so.

The stock is just the plane-Jane OEM wood stock but in youth configuration. This was actually a very important feature to me. I posted the other day about how I have changed up my AR-15 setup for deer hunting, and this rifle purchase was the second phase of completely changing up my entire deer hunting tool-set.

The reason for these changes were two fold. First of all, I was getting tired of the recoil of my 7mm Mag Remington 700. Secondly, The Boy has reached the age that he is starting to go shooting and now hunting with me so I needed a bolt gun that he would be able to handle.

The AR-15 with its adjustable stock and a .243 bolt gun are a wonderful fit for a kid of his age. The youth stock is a very nice fit for him, and I have found it to be something that I can handle just fine as well.

Its interesting because the shorter length of pull does not allow me to take a traditional trigger finger placement with the rifle, however, I have found that I can shoot this particular rifle quite well. Shooting with a traditional finger placement was causing me to pull shots to the right. I solved that problem by worrying more about hand placement on the grip of the rifle and just letting my finger fall where it may. This approach puts my trigger finger very deep into the trigger guard and finger placement falls just shy of the knuckle. Instead of a ‘touch and press’ approach to the trigger pull, I employ a ‘total hand squeeze’ method and shots break very clean with out any added rifle movement. It works out great.