Substitute the word ‘gun’ and read it…

Via Joe….

The .gov wants to be able to have a backdoor into your encrypted iPhone. Can you imagine what their view will be once ‘smart guns’ are mandated. You actually dont have to. They have already told us.

I replaced references to iPhone in the following with [Smart Gun] for your reading pleasure…

The U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the [smart gun].

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the [smart gun] operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an [smart gun] recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software — which does not exist today — would have the potential to unlock any [smart gun] in someone’s physical possession.

The FBI may use different words to describe this tool, but make no mistake: Building a version of [smart gun operating system] that bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. And while the government may argue that its use would be limited to this case, there is no way to guarantee such control.

Tim Cook
February 16, 2016