The Scalia Situation: Mark my words…

Mark my words… The Republicans will not stand in the way of confirming Obama’s replacement for Justice Scalia.

I pray to God that I am wrong, but they wont. They have a proven track record of not standing in opposition to him in the past, and they have a proven record of wanting bigger and farther left leaning government anyway… so why would they?

They will publicly make a fuss, but when the votes are cast for confirmation Obama will get his Justice confirmed.

The worst part is that the American People will not even take notice. According the Yahoo, SCOTUS has the highest approval rating of any branch of govt. Why would that be? The court is highly political, and decisions are strongly divided along political ideology. And thats what the media keeps telling us that the American People dont want… that we must all go along to get along and that there needs to be compromise and common ground. Yet the court always hands down 5-4 decisions along political party lines.

So what gives??? I think that they have the highest approval rating because there is the biggest disconnect. Much like foreign policy, most Americans simply dont care about the legal minutia of what is going on with SCOTUS. (College students think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court) So, by default they give higher approval ratings. What does this mean? It means that Republicans will for the most part get away with pushing through Obama nominee.

We are doomed. Not just on the 2nd Amendment, but the country as a whole is going to see drastic changes and things are going to move very, very quickly. Just about any left-wing lunatic idea can be rammed through now, and it will be “LAW OF THE LAND!”

  1. That’s the root of all this fear. Obama can appoint all he wants and if the GOP refuses to confirm then it doesn’t mean shit. The fear is that you are exactly right. They will confirm.

  2. The GOP leadership in the Senate is non-existent. ” A Coward” in my eyes and he will sell out the constitution in order to maintain his status quo.

    Remember DEMOCRATS HATE THE CONSTITUTION and the GOP’s Mitch McConnell is a coward.

  3. Scalia’s death is another reminder that “the rule of law” is a farce. Otherwise, one individual’s death would not matter. Lets quit the charade and just start electing the SCOTUS judges.

    Scalia’s death is going to cost me money in the next 6 months. So much riding on one person.

    Not optimistic.

  4. Well, the track record of the GOP has certainly not been stellar on standing up for principals. They are always scare of being blamed and not scared enough of the GOP voters that elected them. It seems like we need more Senators like Cruz that will actually say NO and put up a fight.
    My thinking goes like the GOP should not have ever made the threat, they should have just taken their time and rejected any left leaning appointment.

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