Up next: ‘We must close the smart gun loophole!’

Alternate Headline: Government, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.

So I wrote this article yesterday addressing Joe Biden’s recent comments about how people should go out and buy a smart gun… Basically saying that if my phone doesn’t unlock its not the end of the world; when guns don’t unlock its life and death. I also challenged Old Joe that if he believes in this horrible technology so much then why doesn’t he bet his life on it and require his secret service detail to carry smart guns.

Any-who… the article got passed around the Internets and linked to on various social media nets, blogs, and what not… but I wanted to point out this wonderful piece of insight from a comment on one of the locations I saw it linked to on the Facebooks…

The FCC made it so anyone can pick up any cell phone and dial 911 in an emergency – i.e., it works no matter who’s phone it is or who’s using it. A gun should work in an emergency just the same.

The funny thing here is that he is right. This would be a legal precedent that would require there to be an emergency carve out in the smart gun bill much like with cell phones. There would have to be a ‘911-override’ so that anyone could access the gun in an emergency.

Then we would have all the gun grabbers bemoaning yet another ‘loophole’ that we would have to close. For the children!

The incompetence of govt is laughable.