I KNEW that the anti-gun crowd was going to play this card…

I wasn’t sure that it was going to be Biden, but I KNEW that this argument was eventually going to be made about ‘smart guns’…Its the argument that ‘The iPhone can be unlocked quickly with just your finger print, so why can’t we do this with guns?’

Thats the case Joe Biden is laying out in this video

“My cell phone – like yours -I just put my thumbprint on, and that is my access to everything. (…) Why can’t you do that for a gun?”

Joe Biden Smart Gun

First of all, Joe Biden is a completely disingenuous tool. This is not intended to be an honest question about how to stop accidental (negligent) gun deaths. This is nothing more than a veiled attempt to appeal to low information crowd via the ‘Yeah, I love my iPhone’ sentiment. Its also a desperate attempt to create a talking point and to frame the debate.

We have also seen evidence that the only real reason the .gov wants to mandate a ‘Smart Gun’ requirement is to have a firearm ‘kill switch’ and/or the ability to actively track all firearms in this country. Yes, AG Lynch said it herself. She wants to track guns. Valerie Jarrett also let it be known that they want to be able to remotely disable guns.

But lets play the game and address his actual question, shall we.

I have an iPhone 6, and I have had one since day-one when they came out. So let me speak on this… First of all, yes, it works really, really well. Its a great convenience when it comes to unlocking my phone and it works a ridiculously well “99% of the time” – thats not based on any actual science.


It doesn’t always work. In fact, in the time I have had my iPhone 6 I have literally lost count of how many times it hasn’t worked. It fails… and it fails a lot. Think about how many times your phone has failed. Has it ever failed on you? I would bet my life on the fact that it has.

Now, lets equate this to a gun. And lets says that those times that it failed, you were not trying to unlock a phone, but rather you were pulling out your gun because you were about to defend your life or the lives of others. Yes, this is not about unlocking a phone. This is life and death, and when a ‘smart gun’ fails a good guy dies.

“But I dont get into a thousand gun fights a year, and I unlock my phone thousands of times.”, you say. OK. Fair enough. Lets just call it every other time. Or one in ten times. Police officers may pull their gun that many times. It doesn’t matter the rate… you decide. But lets pretend that the very next time that you try to unlock your phone and it says “Try again”, think about that in terms of ‘you just died because your so called smart gun just failed.’ Are you willing to bet your life on the thumb reader on your phone? What if you actually had to? What if you literally died the next time your thumb scanner failed?

And that is under ideal conditions. Under ideal, perfect conditions it still fails… a lot! Guess what. There are countless other things that can cause them to fail also. Those finger print readers become completely worthless if there is any hint of wetness on your fingers. Have you ever been outside in the rain? Well, now you have about a 100% chance of failure if you are attacked in that scenario. What if you sweat heavily when you get nervous? I know someone who’s hands turn to a sloppy, wet mess when she gets nervous. So now her rape ‘whistle-go-bang’ is now completely worthless to her as she walks alone through a parking garage or if someone is breaking into her house at night.

It also becomes a problem if your hands are not pristine clean and free from dirt and debris. Yet, what we are seeing now is a push to bring this technology to the mainstream by requiring police officers and soldiers to be issued these weapons. People who work in environments where keeping their hands free of dirty can be a nearly impossible requirement.

How about in the winter months when you wear gloves? What about police officers who wear gloves while they are on duty? Or soldiers. Can’t read a finger print until you take off those gloves first. So, good luck defending yourself.

Not to mention battery life, the simple failure of electronics, the list can go on and on…

So to answer Joe Biden’s question, “Why can’t you do that for a gun?”… the answer is simple… BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO THAT FOR A GUN!

So, here is my question for you, Joe. You are sitting there all smug and pious telling people to go ‘buy a smart gun…. do it for the second amendment’. You and Obama are telling police departments and our military to bring this technology to the market by forcing their officers and their soldiers to carry these guns…

Why dont you lead the way? If this really isnt just about politics and you really do believe in this technology then why don’t you bet your life on it? Why don’t you tell your secret service detail to carry only smart guns? Why doesn’t Obama tell his secret service detail to protect him and his family only with smart guns? Why don’t you ‘do it for the second amendment’? Why don’t you require capitol police to carry only smart guns? I mean, if it saves only one child from finding a capitol police gun in the bathroom

If you believe so much in this technology then… YOU FIRST!


  1. I guess Joe hasn’t read the American Rifleman’s test of the only “smart” gun on the market at present. The thing was an utter failure and certainly not something anyone would or should stake their life on.

    1. I bet when a criminal rips all the electronic shit off a smart gun it will work just fine with some simple parts. Oh and the bad guys NEVER get 20 dollar black boxes to bypass electronic security.

  2. Yeah I also know of a high school kid that hacked into an armed us drone with an iPhone so maybe we should ban those too.

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