Does this 1x scope make my DERP! look big?

I dont get it… UTG has a new 1x scope that they are offering…

To quote the Firearm Blog…

Not everyone can afford to spend $500 on optics.

Yep, thats true. I dont run $500+ optics on my AR. Not because I’m ‘Kenny, you’re poor!‘ but because I dont beat the crap out of my rifle/optics so I have no real need for it and I would much rather spend the hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

What I don’t get is why people buy-up these huge-ass 1x optics (UTG is not the only one who makes them). Is it because they love to derp-off about how tacti-cool it looks? I could see if it were a 3x or 4x or some sort of a 1-4 variable and what not. But why have that MACRO-1x on your rifle when you can most definitely get a budget-micro and for usually less money!

I have talked endlessly  about the Bushnell TRS-25 on this here gun blog. It is without a doubt a cant miss micro-red dot. I have been running it for years and have shot countless rounds with it. Its bright Рespecially on the sunniest of days, its light weight, and it has never lost zero. I have dropped the optic, I have dropped the rifle with the optic Рeach on multiple occasions Рand it keeps on going strong.

I have two of the TRS-25s now and zero complaints.

The best part…. Its $80! + Free shipping!

*Before anyone asks… I have never worked with a UTG optic… I have handled them in stores, and they seem like total CRAP! The Internets also tells me that they aren’t worth a sh*t.

**Anecdotal, Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, YMMV, Etc…

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