QOTD: Gun Counter Jockey…

Now, I will preface this by saying that said gun counter jockey is not one of the Derp-Off gun counter commandos that are part of the typical ‘charm’ of a gun shop. I have talked with this guy at length in the past and he is one of the reputable guys manning the counter.


While visiting the local shop yesterday I was chatting it up with the guy behind the counter and we got to talking about the rental guns. He then informed me that both the Glock 43 and the S&W Shield each have 50,000+ rounds through them without a single hiccup.

Now, that says something on two levels. One, thats a great testament for both of the guns mentioned. Two, think about what that also says about the other guns at the rental counter that were not mentioned. Think about the fact that those two guns were the only two that he would point to as being rock solid performers.

‘Whats the big deal’, you ask? … Well, if this does not resonate with you then you probably don’t truly understand how brutal it is on a gun to be in the rental gun lineup. Those guns are rode hard and put away wet day in and day out. Its very much a hardcore proving grounds for guns and a great real world R&D opportunity to see how guns stand up to high round counts and very little maintenance.  As the referenced gun shop guy went on to say to me, ‘It would blow your mind the beating those guns take and all the crap that we have had to go through with trying to keep them running.’


  1. And I refined my purchase choices after a rental gun I was trying failed to reload. Another after feeling the trigger pull once. Only one ruled out shiny new at the counter.
    Excellent R&D, indeed. When the shop knew we were buying either one or two firearms, they kept sending rental guns out to us on the range.
    I recommend the practice to all of those I am training.
    Thanks for the post.

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