Review: Crossbreed Holsters Appendix Carry Holster

Not too long ago I had a box show up here at the Gunmart Blog test kitchen with a few goodies inside of it from the good people over at Crossbreed Holsters. Inside of said box was one of their newer models… The Appendix Carry Holster.

Crossbreed Holster 02

Now, if you have been reading this blog for any length of time then you will already know that I am a very big fan of Crossbreed Holsters. Simply put, they have been making some of the highest quality, most comfortable holsters in the firearms industry for a very long time. What they have become best known for, and what built their company into what it is today is their famed hybrid holster. Part Kydex, part leather… They are handmade and hand-fitted to achieve perfect firearm retention and maximum comfort.

Patterned after their famed SuperTuck Deluxe model, their Appendix Carry model is a downsized and chopped incarnation that is purpose built to facilitate the wonderfully comfortable – and wonderfully convenient – method of appendix carry.

Crossbreed Holster 01

The first thing that I noticed about the Appendix Carry model when I opened the box is that its definitely a Crossbreed Holster. As soon as I picked this holster up it was instantly evident that it was built to the same exacting standards of every single model of holsters that Crossbreed has ever churned out. Right there I knew that this holster was going to be a winner.

If you have any experience at all with their SuperTuck Deluxe holster then you will instantly recognize this holster as its smaller cousin. It has all of the same top-notch materials being used, and the same high-end craftsmanship has gone into fabricating this model as all the rest. Essentially, what it really looks like they did with this Appendix Carry model is to take a Super Tuck and lop off a clip (this model has just one instead of two) and then dice up the combat cut at the top portion of the holster. Shave off the edges a little more here and there and, Viola!

Crossbreed Holster 04

The holster that they sent me came with one standard CrossBreed steel clip. The clip is adjustable for height to allow the firearm to sit deeper or shallower in the waist band as so desired, and it will also allow you to adjust the cant in anyway that you may need it. The clip is very strong and very stable, and is probably all that anyone will ever need. There are other options available from Crossbreed, however, if you have other needs to fill. I also have used this holster with the new UltiClip that I reviewed a short while back:

UltiClip Crossbreed

This holster measures in at about six inches across and about six inches high at its highest points. It weighs in at a shade over three and a half ounces on my postal scale. And, as you can see below, what it adds to the thickness of the firearm is scant at best…

Crossbreed Holster 06

The other great thing about this holster is that it is truly tuckable.  Most “tuckable” holsters out there on the market don’t really allow you to look properly dressed when when wearing a firearm. Your shirt will always – repeat, always – look like a bunched up mess and be all kinds of messed up right at the point where the holster is located on your body. Not good if you are wearing a gun at the office or in any other environment where you have to inconspicuously carry while having a tucked in shirt. The Crossbreed has long ago solved this dilemma without any problems. The only “tell” that you will have is the inconspicuous clip on your belt.

Like all Crossbreed holsters, the way that the thick leather backing is coupled with the Kydex shell works wonderfully to provide excellent weapon retention. The leather backing will conform to your body over time as it begins to break in, and the level of comfort will continue to grow the longer that you use the holster. So far, mine is breaking in nicely.

There you have it. How do you make the world’s most comfortable holster even more comfortable? Chop it down to perfection and use it for appendix carry. The Crossbreed Appendix Carry holster was an idea that was brilliantly conceived and wonderfully executed. I have been carrying my Glock 26 in this holster everyday now for about a month and I have been extremely pleased with its performance. Its lightweight. Its comfortable. And its a quality piece of gear that will last for years to come.


*All photos were taken on the kitchen table with an iPhone 6.

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