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Presidents carrying guns…

So the news came out the other day that Ronald Reagan packed a Rosco while in office…. Pretty cool… but I would like to remind everyone that this story has already been digested through the blogosphere…

*Should the President carry a gun?

Could President Perry carry a gun?

Its a very interesting subject. HOWEVER, “Laws for thee, but not for me!

And here in-lies the part of all of this that I dont really like… “Laws for thee, but not for me!“. Thats what this really is. Its another example of politicians being exempt from guns laws… with the caveat of “Its The President” so that makes it a little easier for people to swallow. Well, I dont like it. If he wants/needs to carry a gun then perhaps he (and all other elected officials pulling the same crap) should work to get oppressive gun laws reversed so that all citizens can enjoy the same freedom.

All animals are not equal when some animals are more equal then others.

*Always ahead of the curve.

FYI – ‘Smart Guns’ will withstand a SCOTUS challenge…

First: Not a lawyer

Second: If SCOTUS will uphold the San Fran law that says being forced to lock up your guns at home is not an infringement, then ‘Smart Guns’ will stand up to the legal challenge… Once the technology is there.

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‘Moms’ lied. Tricked NY Mets into gun control photo opp…

I told ya so!


I had a feeling that they might try to play this one this way. Usually when MLB teams do something like this, the entire league is behind it… NOT just one team.

Mets Pitcher Dillon Gee came out and said they were duped

“I don’t have a whole lot to say, because I don’t want to argue the issue, that wasn’t my intent,” Gee told The News. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just didn’t like being lumped in with something I don’t support. There was a miscommunication and I just wanted to clear it up.”

A Mets spokesperson said that the team understands that it has several players and employees who are hunters and believe in gun safety. The team’s participation was meant to support the “Wear Orange” campaign, which was inspired by a group of Chicago teens. “Today by wearing orange you visibly honor the 88 American lives cut short by gun violence every day, plus the countless survivors forever altered by shootings each year,” the Mets said in a release in their daily game notes.

“So I’m not pointing fingers. Just clearing up that I don’t support the (law) of gun control,” Gee said. “I’m still against gun violence. But they are totally different subjects.”