FYI – ‘Smart Guns’ will withstand a SCOTUS challenge…

First: Not a lawyer

Second: If SCOTUS will uphold the San Fran law that says being forced to lock up your guns at home is not an infringement, then ‘Smart Guns’ will stand up to the legal challenge… Once the technology is there.

SCOTUS upheld the lower court ruling that said that due to modern quick access safes, the ruling on locking up your guns in your home, is not an infringement of the second amendment rights for the residents of San Francisco. Now, once again… if there truly is technology developed that would allow for ‘Smart Guns’ to be readily available I don’t see how the courts wouldn’t view the feature along the same lines as a quick access safe.

Now, I dont say this because I want smart guns – I get fingerprint failures all the time with my iPhone – but rather I am saying this because Katy bar the door… We need to get out in front of this before we are standing in front of the justices trying to convince them that we must not be forced to ‘try again’ when we need to unlock our gun at zero-dark-thirty in the AM.

  1. This SCOTUS…should be held in the highest form of contempt…IGNORED…. as most of its decisions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL….if you read the founders version…… what they really fail to understand…is…the BILL OF RIGHTS…is NON NEGOTIABLE…yes even by THEM….and very clear as to whom it applies and protects…….we the people…….imho

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